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Normal business hours are between 08h00 and 16h00 on weekdays. Additional charges are levied for service required after hours and weekends.

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Conditions of Carriage

Like all good companies, Cab 4 U has a set of terms and conditions in place to protect the carrier, sub-contractor, broker and passengers, and to ensure a pleasant and safer journey for everyone.

1. Quotes and Bookings:
1.1 It remains the responsibility of the hirer, broker, sub-contractor and passengers to ensure that all pertinent information is correct upon quotation request and booking confirmation.
1.2 Quotes are valid for 48 hours only unless otherwise stated, and are subject to change due to statutory increases, availability, seasonal, currency and pricing fluctuations there-after.
1.3 Quotes are in South African Rand and include driver fees, fuel, tolls, and excludes additional surcharges.
1.4 Written or electronic instructions and orders (fax, e-mail and or text) are required to confirm or cancel bookings and it is deemed the hirer, broker, sub-contractor and passengers have read, understand, accept and agree to the conditions of carriage upon acceptance of the quote and confirmation and cancellation of bookings.
1.5 Changes to bookings regarding departure and return dates and times, destinations, travel itinerary or routes cannot be guaranteed to be accepted by the carrier, and such requests must be sent at least 24 hours prior to departure, and surcharges will apply where applicable.
1.6 Where pre-determined rates apply, the hirer, broker or sub-contractor must confirm the rate and charges and notify the carrier before the booking is confirmed, or the carrier’s rates and charges will apply afterwards to the invoice or amount payable.

2. Deposit and Payments:
2.1 Where applicable, a deposit or full payment is required on or before departure to confirm all bookings.
2.2 Where applicable, the carrier reserves the right to delay dispatch of the vehicle or withdraw the service, should the load confirmation, amendments, deposit or final payment not be received at the time the vehicle is due to be dispatched.
2.3 Payments made in foreign currency are subject to the exchange rate applied by the official bankers of the carrier on receipt of monies will be accepted as the applicable rate and the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers will be responsible for any short payment resulting from exchange rate fluctuations.
2.4 Deposits or payments made into the carrier's bank account must reflect either the quotation number or invoice number as the payment reference.

3. Cancellation:
The hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passenger shall forfeit their deposit for any cancellations prior to departure, and cancellations be made after the vehicle was dispatched, and where no deposit was paid, will be liable to pay a call-out or cancellation fee.

4. Pick-up, Arrival, Departure and Return Times:
4.1 The carrier will endeavor to abide to the time schedule, and shall notify the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers of delays due to road, traffic and weather conditions or security checks, law enforcement and other factors beyond the control of the carrier, in which case the carrier accepts no responsibility or liability for inconvenience caused by such delays.
4.2 The hirer, broker, sub-contractor and passengers are responsible for scheduling the correct collection, departure, estimated travel and arrival time and the carrier accepts no responsibility for incorrect calculations in this regard.
4.3 Passengers with luggage are requested to be at the departure point 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time to allow the carrier sufficient time for loading, admin completion and pre-trip inspections.
4.4 Where applicable, hourly waiting time surcharges will apply 15 min after scheduled pick-up time.

5. Airport Shuttles or Transfers:
5.1 The onus is upon the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers to inform the carrier of flights that have arrived earlier than scheduled, and the carrier will endeavor to and is not forced to honour the amended time.
5.2 The carrier relies on Airports Company of South Africa (ACSA) for flight information, and the carrier will not be held liable for ACSA supplying incorrect or unable to supply accurate flight information for whatever-so-ever reason.
5.3 Maximum waiting time is 60 minutes from the flight arrival time for domestic flights and 90 minutes for international flights, there-after waiting time surcharges apply, or with notice to the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers, the carrier may leave the collection point and the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers will be liable to pay for a "no show" surcharge.
5.4 Should the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers not be able to identify or locate the carrier or their representative, the nearest ACSA information desk or counter will become the default waiting point.

6. Luggage and Personal Effects:
6.1 Passengers carry luggage entirely at their own risk and it is deemed each passenger will travel with one standard suitcase and one overnight or carry-on bag, with the combined weight of both items not exceeding 30 kg, and the carrier may refuse carriage of excess luggage or luggage that does not comply to transport legislation, and a surcharge per item may be levied for extra or excess luggage.
6.2 Passengers are advised arrange their own adequate insurance cover for their luggage and personal effects and the carrier will not be held responsible for, or accept any liability for loss or damage from whatsoever cause arising.
6.3 Carry-on luggage (hand luggage) is limited to backpacks, small kit bags, laptop bags, large purses or briefcases as it is against the law for luggage to restrict the entrance or exit to the cabin and seating areas.
6.4 Babies and toddlers are permitted standard combined luggage allowance of 30 kg, which includes a suitcase and carry-on luggage but is limited to one extra item either being either a, stroller, carry-cot or baby holder.
6.5 Should passengers choose to load or offload luggage by themselves, this must be performed under the supervision of the driver or a representative of the carrier, and under no circumstances will un-accompanied luggage or personal effects be permitted into the vehicle or trailer.

7. Overland, Out-of-Town or Over-night Trips:
The hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers must provide and pay for the driver's meals, single accommodation and secure overnight parking for the vehicles and trailers.

8. General:
8.1 The driver must obey traffic regulations at all times and under no circumstances may the speed limit be exceeded.
8.2 It is compulsory in South Africa for all passengers to wear a seatbelt, and the carrier will not be held liable for any action taken by the authorities or be responsible for injuries sustained to passengers resulting from non-adherence.
8.3 For safety reasons and with prior notice to the hirer, broker, sub-contractor or passengers, the carrier reserves the right not to transfer passengers, delay or cancel carriage on certain routes at night.
8.4 The driver may in un-safe conditions or emergency situations, with prior notice to the passengers override or apply different standards to the conditions of carriage to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.
8.5 It is the responsibility of the passengers to ensure that they have complied with any health requirements for their travel, including health certificates, inoculation and vaccination certificates, and are aware of the intense physical and mental exertion that may occur during travel, and further warrant that they have no medical or mental conditions that may in any way endanger themselves, other passengers and representatives of the carrier during or after travel.
8.6 The carrier will not encourage or participate in any way whatsoever to the conveyance of illegal drugs, commodities, weapons or immigrants in its vehicles, and will fully co-operate with the authorities of any country with regards to prosecution of such illegal practices.
8.7 The carrier reserves the right to refuse to undertake the carriage of, or the continued carriage of any passengers who are intoxicated, unruly, rude, causing annoyance, becomes disrespectful or intimidating towards any other passenger or employee of the carrier in any way.
8.8 With the exception of trained guide dogs accompanying a disabled passenger, under no circumstances will any animals and or pets will be conveyed.
8.9 No unaccompanied children under the age of 12 (twelve) years will be transported without being accompanied by an adult or a minor aged 16 (sixteen) years or older, who will take full responsibility for the child or children.
8.10 Passenger liability cover is provided and passengers are responsible for their own medical and personal insurance.
8.11 The carrier does not encourage food consumption in the vehicles, and the cost of cleaning will be charged to the hirer where passengers have spilled, soiled or stained the vehicle trim, with any food, liquid, dirt or grime.
8.12 Smoking or consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in any of our vehicles, no exceptions whatsoever.
8.13 Consumption of alcohol in a vehicle is illegal and the carrier does not encourage such practice whatsoever, and prior consent is required from the carrier with applicable surcharges paid upfront for valet services in order for the passengers to consume alcohol entire at their own risk in the vehicles.
8.14 The hirer is required to confirm if travel on gravel (sand) roads is necessary, and notify the carrier beforehand, or the carrier may refuse to travel on such roads.
8.15 The hirer, sub-contractor or passengers will be responsible and liable for any damage or loss caused to the vehicle, its fittings or equipment, due to negligence or misconduct of any passenger.
8.16 Service is subject to availability upon confirmation of booking and the vehicle may, when not in use be sub-hired or substituted during peak times, and the carrier reserves the right to revise seat allocation without notice or operate substitute vehicles to ensure service delivery.
8.17 The driver is strictly instructed to adhere to a pre-arranged itinerary, route, stops, kilometers and hours as set-out in the booking confirmation between either the hirer, broker or the sub-contractor and the carrier, and surcharges will apply to any changes or alterations requested, which must first be approved between either the hirer, broker or sub-contractor and accepted and agreed by carrier, will the driver be notified and instructed to change his route.
8.18 The hirer, broker, sub-contractor and passengers indemnify the carrier and its directors, employees and representatives against any loss, damage, injury or illness of whatsoever nature and howsoever caused, including indirect or consequential loss or damage that may arise.
8.19 It is deemed the hirer, broker, sub-contractor and passengers have read, understand, accept and agree to all terms and conditions as set out in this documents their participation in the travel and any related activities is voluntary and entirely at their own risk.
8.20 The terms of these conditions statutory changes and the carrier reserves the right to change, update or alter these conditions of carriage without prior notice.
8.20 E&OE.

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